Friday, April 17, 2015

Wolf Child

Who would know that a person like me love to be alone huh. But then hey, I am starting to enjoy being alone. Mostly maybe because I am already very tired with the big loads of bullshit at work, so I just want to be with myself after work time.

I actually didn't realize this until lately my colleagues 'interrogated' about my life over here. They were quite surprised when they know I am all by myself most of the time, well, I am surprised too. I thought I can't live through this cold world alone. I thought I could die without having someone else around me.

Being alone is good. I have time for myself. I don't have to put up with other people shits. Most importantly, I get to keep my true self intact. Which mean I doesn't have to try to be all nice, even when I don't want to, just to please people. That is very tiring, u know? And I don't like it when I am not myself. It is disgusting.

Hmmm.. not sure what else to write, just want to write down what I feel in this moment.

To darlin me : stay strong and whatever happen, be true to yourself. No matter what other people say, even when they misunderstand or anything, don't let them change what you really are. Don't hurt others, and most importantly, love yourself first. Remember that I love you ;]

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