Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A nightmare of nothing

hi ppl ! finally i can online haha. im using maxis broadband. poor signal strength. i can open blogger only lolx. but nvm lah cos i borrow banyak buah buku from may hahahaha. living in vampire mountain these few days.

as some of you acknowledged, me and my friends went to penang for 2 nights. it wasn't really anticipating at first where they had canceled it somewhere near the date. the cancellation was expected ( the planning process was kinda 'weak' ) but i had butt myself in last minutely and made it happened. voila ! for maymay and piggy i will !

unfortunately... may didn't go...

her boyf brought her camera along so that he can take beautiful photos of the butterflies ( butterfly farm ) and foods for her. he bought some presents for her too. one bag full with soft toys, i wonder if may wants to share with me some hahaha.

i tried to attach some photos with this post so that u guys can have a better view of what we'd at penang ( excusing myself from writing so many words also haha ) but failed cos internet speed SUPER SLOW la !! btw, i think those photos are very wuliao cos it is taken by a wuliao me who does everything in my wuliao way. lagipun, we didnt do anything special there. we ate char kuey tiaw, penang laksa, cendol, rojak, sakae etc. we watched the green ogre, a nightmare on elm street and prince dastan. we spent most of the time walking and waiting. waiting for the shops to open, waiting for buses, waiting for the movie. sound very wuliao right? sebenarnya its fun ! very fun to be with yanyan and a fon. bring back the school days memories. ^__^

if may was there too it will be nice. four of us together. but i think it okay for she didnt go this penang trip cos she will be leaving for kl with her boyf on 3rd june - 6th june. 五月的小黄花好幸福! ^^