Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Sometimes I like to make new friend, sometimes I don’t. There are times when I feel extremely friendly and I have a great feeling that I am the nicest person on earth, smiley sincerely all the time. Yet, there are times which I am not bothered even a dust bit to think about other ppl, just being a meanie me make me feel that I am evil enough and I like how it feels.

Like most of you, I have a huge circle of friends too, as well as some heart-to-heart friends. From them i also learn that sometimes ppl u've known for the longest time understand u the least...

My friends, be it girl or boy, often tell me how lonely they will get cos they didn’t have a bf/gf lolx. I myself havent meet my future bf yet, but im happy and satisfy with my current life. My dearest family members and lovely friends are always there for me, like I am to them. ( only to ppl I like =] )

I really treasure the friendship I share between my best friend, MayMay and I. She is just like the others, but the feeling I get when she is around is something different. Calm and relaxing. Like honeydew ^^

My current gaming bff, Frembell, is another friend I like to spent my time with. Pure and innocent just like the name. Frem can’t keep a secret, vulnerable to temptation, has a quite fragile heart. Sometimes we play online game together until 4am. Go to bed only when the cuckoos call lolx. I like to tease Frem while we are gaming very very early in the morning and make Frem cooks a super early breakfast ( before dawn hits ! haha ! ). I get hungry easily at night and I don’t want to hunt for the foods alone lolx.

Other bff-alike I have is Mr Lawrence. I knew him since I was 13 but I never talk to him until we became classmate last last year. We played something like 酒酒家 and they positioned him as my brother ! Well, he is really like a brother, protective and I always seek advices from him. He understands me much better than the others and always got it right about my weird mood swings. May our friendship last long ! ^^

Nocturnes : this girl is one of a kind. Smart and never stop looking for new facts to quench her thirst for knowledge. My boy friend used to label her as a wild cat – brrr ATTACK ! Contradictorily, she is just a cute tame meow if she lets you into her world . I think she acts like that just bcos she feel insecure to the outside world, you know why.

Mochacha : our HappyKnights guild’s leader. Chubby and dirty minded. Always talk nonsense. But he is full of responsibility, kind and faithful to his friends. Not stingy. Forgiver. A friend worth to fight for. =]

Mildseven : emo devil. Always brighten the atmosphere when he is around. Many ppl like to be with him. Has a sensitive heart. Used to be a heavy smoker but now is cutting down the amount of cigarette each day and on ( hope i write this fact right ! =] ). Still chasing the true love of his life. Hopefully he will get her one day.

Rex Army : we share same surname, so literally he is my brother. Age is younger than me but he looks older haha. Like an uncle. Very hardworking. Has high determination. Enjoy helping other ppl. I’ll always support him, only the good deeds lah. =]

Kymme : my far far away relative. Look strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Currently is a prisoner of her first love. Kinda girly, so spending some time with her make me more feminine lolx. She looks quite hard to approach at first, things change after you get to know more about her. Shake her hand and u’ll feel like rubbing Johnson baby’s lotion on your palm haha !

May our friendship last long ! ^__^

Sunday, May 9, 2010



小朋友 你是否有很多問號 為甚麼
別人在那看漫畫 我卻在學畫畫 對著鋼琴說話
別人在玩遊戲 我卻靠在牆壁背我的ABC
我說我要一架大大的飛機 我卻得到一只舊舊螺旋機
為甚麼 要聽媽媽的話 長大後你就會開始懂得這種話 哼

長大後我開始明白 為甚麼我跑的比別人快 飛的比別人高
將來大家看的都是我畫的漫畫 大家唱的都是 我寫的歌
媽媽的辛苦 不讓你看見 溫柔的事 是否在她心裡面
有空就多多握握她的手 把手牽著一起夢遊

聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她
美麗的白髮 幸福中發芽 天使的魔法 溫暖中慈祥

在你的未來 音樂是你的王牌 那王牌談個戀愛
而我不想被你教壞 還是聽媽媽的話吧 晚點在戀愛吧
我知道你未來的路 幹嘛比我更清楚 
但我在 媽媽我會用功讀書 用功讀書 怎麼會從我嘴巴說出
不想你輸所以要叫你 用功讀書嗎

媽媽交給你的毛筆 你要好好收著
因為不許告訴我 也告訴他我還留著
對了 我會遇到了周潤發
所以你可以跟同學炫耀 賭神未來是你爸爸

我找不到你寫的情書 你喜歡的要承認
因為我會了解你 會在操場上牽她
你會開始喜歡唱流行歌 因為張學友開始準備唱吻別

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


copy that title from alice lolx.

昨天又一个人呆在家里,所以就趁此机会自己剪自己的头发。哈哈 为什么剪自己的头发也要偷偷的呢?因为家里的妈咪会唠唠叨叨个不停 XD

天气热热的,我整个人都要溶化掉咯。。剪东剪西,最后剪出一个我个人很满意的发型了。哈哈哈哈。。很可爱咯 ~ XD

可是过后家里的那个妈咪回来了,看我的新发型后,便一直在那边念个不停 =3= 她问我头发是不是被老鼠咬过。。。

今天,为了要停掉耳边的那个ipod, 我去理发店那里打算从新剪过。。。可是。。那个aunty说我的发型好好看了 好像蘑菇 哈哈哈哈哈哈 开心死我了。但是妈咪不在场。。。。

过后为了不让家里的妈咪失望,我还是随随便便叫她帮我剪短头发,收刘海。。之前我自己剪的发型比现在的还可爱 T___T

Monday, May 3, 2010


愛像一陣風 吹完它就走
這樣的節奏 誰都無可奈何
沒有妳以後 我靈魂失控
黑雲在降落 我被它拖著走

陷入了危險邊緣 Baby~

我不能再想 我不能再想
我不 我不 我不能

不能承受 我已無處可躲
我不要再想 我不要再想
我不 我不 我不要再想你

不知不覺 你已經離開我
不知不覺 我跟了這節奏
後知後覺 又過了一個秋
後知後覺 我該好好生活

Sunday, May 2, 2010