Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Two more weeks and it is my turn to fly.. This time I have no excuses to stay back at home already :(( Ohhh whyy do we need to grow up?? Can we just keep on fooling around without worrying about money and everything that comes with time.. So down la.. :(

But it's okay lah. I am quite satisfy with how i spent my unemployment days at home haha. Though I didn't work or learnt anything special, but I did spent my time fairly well with my family and friends. Especially with my family, we really really enjoy being with each other. Sometimes I hope I can bring my family with me whenever I go. Without them I really feel very empty and alone.. Being a family-girl is really hard.. Very hard to leave home behind and start to go apply for work outside.. But I also cannot continue staying at home being mommy's girl already.. I.Have.To.Be.Strong.And.Leave.

Hopefully I can adapt to the new environment..
Hopefully my body is not so weak already..
Hopefully I rajin work dont lazy already..
Hopefully I didn't get severe homesick lah...

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